Special Edition Ruler Stop

$ 45.00

Czeck Edge is celebrating our 15th Anniversary! Finally. We opened for business in June, 2005, so we're over nine months late. These things sneak up on you and time really does fly when your having fun. 

We wanted to issue a special tool to commemorate this 'epic' event. Our more popular models were looked at to learn what could be done to not only enhance the look but also the functionality and performance.  After trying several design and materials options with a few of the edged tools it became apparent that achieving our main goals plus affordability was becoming more of a challenge that initially anticipated. (Partially the reason we're nine months late.)    

Why the Ruler Stop was not considered at the outset is a mystery but it became the glaringly obvious choice when all was said and done. We were able to have a special black anodize color created to give it a totally different look, add appropriate laser etching on two of the three blocks, plate the brass knob nickel and extend the grip length by 1/4 inch from 1 5/8 to  1 7/8 inches.  That is a lot of special work for such a tiny production quantity of 20.  There is only a single common part between the two models, yet a modest price increase to $45 was still achieved. 

We have only 19 of these available. If the demand warrants it, we may produce another small batch, time permitting. We want to thank you for your support over these past many years,  which permits us to continue to contribute to the avocation and industry we love so much. 

Thank you, Bob Zajicek and Lydia Barta 

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