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The Czeck Edge Carbide Bird Cage Awl, featuring a 1/4" solid carbide blade!


                      $9 burnisher kits are still available! Don't miss out! 


Welcome to Czeck Edge and our new website!

Thank you for your visit! We are introducing our brand website, please watch out for damp paint! It's been too long in the making but it's finally here and we're exited about it for a bunch of reasons. We will have greater flexibility in offering discounts, specials, updates and the opportunity to become more interactive with our customers. 

The site has undergone improvements, and like anything that's been changed and tinkered with there are usually some hiccups somewhere. If you encounter any of these please drop me an email note and we'll get the situation corrected as soon as we can.  

Tight joinery in wood begins with crisp, distinct layout lines that permit positive cutting tool registration. Czeck Edge Marking Knives and Awls will create these lines accurately and comfortably for you, every time.

We use the finest materials plus a balance of traditional and state of the art technologies to produce our tools. We take extreme pride in our craftsmanship because we know your craftsmanship demands the best.

What's new? The Traditional carbide Bird Cage Awl and two brand new Scraper Burnishers: carbon steel and carbide. Also a burnisher kit for curved card scrapers with an intro price of $9.. yep nine bucks!  __________________________________________________________________

Struggling with your scraper? Learn a great technique for sharpening a scraper using the Czeck Edge Scraper Burnisher! See the video>> __________________________________________________________________

Read What Chris Schwarz, Carl Duguay, Rob Picarro and George Walker are saying about Czeck Edge tools!

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Certain of our tools may also be purchased at these fine retailers:

Lee Valley Tools Ltd. Ottawa, Canada

Hand Eye Supply Portland, OR

Highland Woodworking Atlanta, GA