$ 52.00

The Pattern Pilot has undergone a significant update and easily navigates layout challenges with certainty, exactness and comfort like never before. The O-1 tool steel blade is hardened to RC 62 - 64. The 1 3/4” long blade is now only 045” thick, (just .016" more than the Kadet II at .029") but still maintains the same rigidity as the previous .0625" blade. The new blade is now 11/32 ” wide with a 65 degree included angle forming the point. As before, dual edge bevels are ground to 40 degrees on the top of the blade only. The back of the blade is flat permitting the point to register snugly against a straightedge from either the left or right side. This feature remains common to all models of Czeck Edge marking knives.

The Pattern Pilot II handle accommodates light to standard duty marking having a zero flex blade plus a very stout pencil like profile in the grip area. This profile is very similar to that found on the Kerf Kadet II making for a transparent experience when transitioning between the two for demanding layout situations. Like the Kerf Kadet II, the contour of the exotic cocobolo handle makes a flowing, uninterrupted transition to the ferrule.

The ½” diameter machined bronze ferrule has been extended in length by 1/4" to 3/4". Three grooves are cut into the surface which permit an accommodating perch for the index finger.The forward groove is now very pronounced, being almost 1/4” wide and rounded on the bottom. Comfort and grip are enhanced significantly.These ergonomic features combine to provide the craftsman with a  unique degree of control and strength that is the essence of the Pattern Pilot II.

The dimensions are: 9/16" X 5 1/2" cocobolo handle, 1 3/4” sword point blade, 1/2” diameter X 3/4" satin polished bronze ferrule. Overall length is 8". A knife that feels just right, it is perfect for all general purpose layout work. Pattern Pilot IIs are in stock and generally ship the next day.