Super Kadet II

$ 67.00

The new Super Kadet II marking knife is here!!! Czeck Edge has taken the outstanding performance of the Kadet II Marking Knife and raised it to a totally new and contemporary level with the addition of a solid tungsten carbide blade! This carbide blade will make cleaner cuts and do so almost indefinitely without the need to be re-sharpened in normal use.

Carbide has been used to create high performance cutting edges for decades. Most powered tools for metal and wood cutting and machining use carbide cutters. Carbide cutters allow cutting speed and feed rates to be increased significantly over carbon steel creating efficiencies which increase production and lower costs.

Until now, about the only way for the woodworking craftsman to enjoy the benefits of a carbide cutting edge was to use a tool with a power cord. No more! Czeck Edge has now introduced to the woodworking community a hand tool with a carbide blade; the Super Kadet II marking knife!

The Super Kadet II builds upon the strengths of the Kerf Kadet II, the very worthy successor to the original Kerf Kadet marking knife. The addition of a carbide blade makes an already accurate and comfortable marking knife an amazing performer. Besides the fantastic edge holding qualities of carbide, this material also imparts rigidity to the blade that flexes only slightly in use. This stiffness is virtually impossible to duplicate in .029” carbon steel without additional secondary support that can interfere with accurate marking. If that isn't enough, carbide extremely rust resistant!

The Super Kadet II excels at marking out the detail that fine joinery demands. The dual edge bevels permit right and left hand use and the back of the blade is flat permitting the point to register snugly against a straightedge from either side. The contour of the exotic wood handle makes a flowing, uninterrupted transition to the ferrule.

The machined bronze ferrule has three grooves which permit a comfortable perch for the index finger and second finger. The forward groove is very pronounced, being almost 3/16” wide and rounded on the bottom. Comfort and grip are enhanced significantly.

The Super Kadet II has a 1/2" X 5 1/2" exotic cocobolo handle, .029" X 516" X 1 7/16” sword point blade, 7/16" diameter X 11/16" satin finished bronze ferrule. Overall length is 7 3/4". This knife is designed for moderate to heavy duty layout use.