Resources we use and recommend:

Caswell has had a solid reputation in metal finishes for decades. We use their products exclusively to produce our tools. Reasonable prices, quick shipping and wonderful customer service.
Thompson Lathe Tools have been in our shop for a long time, and are the only reached for spindle gouge used. Every Czeck Edge tool handle has been shaped by a Thompson. They made from CPM 10V tool steel and have a lot of metal below the flutes for extended reach without chatter. Excellent edge retention as well.


Hand Tool Manufacturers:

Benchcrafted produces the smoothest and most secure acting wagon vise on the market and has the 'Glide' leg vise with identical operational features. Benchcrafted also manufactures the MagBlok which is arguably the best magnetic knife holder being made today and is used in kitchens worldwide.

Ron Brese is an accomplished period furniture maker who is now focusing his efforts on infill hand plane manufacture. Ron brings a fresh perspective to traditional infill plane production along with his engineering back ground and extensive metal working experience.

Lee Valley needs no introduction here, they are just an outstanding organization from top to bottom and a pleasure to do business with. They probably have the largest and finest collection of woodworking accessories, hardware and tools on the planet.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, a fanastic company, they are makers of woodworking hand tools of superior quality and craftsmanship. As a participant in dozens of L-N Hand Tool Events, I can enthusiastically recommend them as a highly educational and worthwhile experience for any hand tool or woodworking enthusiast.

Mike Wenzloff is a veteran of the Pacific Northwest timber industry and an accomplished custom furniture maker. This practical experience is reflected in the outstanding hand saws his company produces today from dove tail saws to full size taper ground hand saws.


Hand Tool Resources on the Internet:
One of the best woodworking content sites out there in podcast format is Matt's Basement Workshop Podcast. Listen to Matt on your way to work in the AM and arrive with a smile and a positive attitude to get your day off to a great start!
Al Navas is a very talented woodworking craftsman who blends both modern power tools and traditional hand tools and techniques to produce exceptional furniture compositions. He somehow finds the time maintain an excellent blog, updated almost daily with a generous amount of project work captured with professional level photography and video composition as well. Don't miss this one!
Cian Perez maintains a huge repository of ww’g and hand tool information as well as a number of respected sources. A great resource for the novice and expert alike. Definitely worth a visit.
Luke Townsley’s site with some great how–to content and a good index of hand tool resources and sources. Recommended.

This is a great beginners resource that assumes you've never heard of woodworking and takes it from there. Essential tools, safety equipment, shop considerations, and a lot of skill building projects in a building block style format. Very visit worthy.