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About Czeck Edge and Our Products

Thank you for taking your time to become acquainted with Czeck Edge and our products. Our family owned business is an outgrowth of crafting marking knives for fellow woodworkers in the Atlanta Metro Area. Encouraged by these local craftsman, Czeck Edge was formed and began the commercial manufacture of woodworking layout tools in June, 2005. Our vision then as now, is to provide tools with bench made quality, high performance and affordable prices. The enthusiastic response our tools receive from a growing customer base tells us that we are succeeding.

Today our product line has grown to include, Bird Cage Awls, Marking Knives and Scraper Burnishers. All of these are available with either carbon steel blades or solid carbide. We also have the world's finest and most accurate Ruler Stop. In addition, hardware Kits to produce all of our tools are available which feature production tool blades. Our Kits permit craftsman to create a tool with a handle of their own design and hardwood and enjoy the satisfaction of having done so.. 

We use a combination of state of the art technologies and traditional processes in the production of our hand tools. Our tool steel blades are oven heat treated by an aircraft certified facility to ensure quality and uniformity. The entire blade is hardened, not just the tip, which provides the tool with a long and useful service life through years of sharpening cycles. They are then precision ground from  on CNC surface grinders to guarantee consistent dimensions. A marking knife blade will be ground on eight separate surfaces then hand honed before it is fitted to the handle. 

Our ferrules are made from 660 bronze alloy which hinders tarnish formation significantly. Each is machined from solid bar stock, fitted perfectly to the blade type and handle, has finger grooves for comfort and control, and lastly, is engraved with Czeck Edge, USA. 

Czeck Edge pioneered the introduction of solid carbide blades for hand tool use. The first such  product was the Super Kadet II marking knife introduced in the fall of 2012. Carbide permitted the creation of a blade that will likely never need to be resharpened in normal use, and one that was extremely ridged at only .029" thick and virtually rust proof. The follow up to this huge success was a bird cage awl with a solid square 1/4" carbide blade which has subsequently enjoyed wide spread acceptance and enthusiasm among the woodworking community world wide. Since then, we have added the Traditional Bird Cage Awl, with a 3/16" a carbon steel blade followed by a solid carbide version in 2016. 

The handles for our tools are made from select hardwoods which have fine, unique grain patterns and attractive color. While we offered as many as four species in prior years, and currently feature cocobolo, for all of our hand tools with the exception of Bolivian Rosewood for the Traditional Bird Cage Awl. These two woods have a great combination of aesthetics and durability, which undoubtedly explains their popularity with woodworkers everywhere. The Burnishers will have East Indian rosewood handles until those stocks are depleted then will have Bolivian rosewood. 

Unfortunately, Cocobolo was added to the CITES list about June 2012 resulting in a 100% price increase almost overnight. We have maintained our original price structure for all cocobolo handled tools since 2009, but did raise the prices of the Bird Cage Awls in September of 2014. East Indian rosewood was added to the CITES List in 2016 and we will cease production of Burnishers from this wood as stated above. 

Regardless of the wood type, each tool handle goes through three major manufacturing processes before the final profile is turned by hand, one at a time. The latter step creates a crisp, ergonomic shape and a Czeck Edge hand tool that is both comfortable in use and unique in shape. After finish sanding to 2000+ grit, every handle receives multiple coats of shellac, an easily renewable finish that may be owner applied if needed. 

We also do custom work, using our blades or yours. If there is something related to our product line that you would like, please send a note to that effect and we will get the ball rolling.

Czeck Edge continuously strives to improve our tools and processes and subtle changes may be made from time to time and not always reflected pictorially on the website store. 

Czeck Edge supports various woodworking related associations including the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, and others. If your organization would like the donation of one of our tools for a fundraising purpose, please drop us a note. 

Comments and suggestions are always welcome and all emails are answered. You may contact us at bobzajicek1@gmail.com . If you would prefer phone contact, please indicate so in your note. 

Thank you and cheers, Bob 

Bob Zajicek, Qwner                                                                                                      Czeck Edge Hand Tool                                                                                                 Marietta, GA