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Czeck Edge has relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC 1/28/22. Unfortunately our town home was not move in ready as promised and we had to put home and shop content in storage on a day's notice 1/29/22. The good news is that we did move in 3/18/22, and spent our first night 3/25/22.

UPDATE: We have finally secured an acceptable shop space 5/25/22 and are in the process of cleanup / renovation. Once City Inspection is passed and Fire Marshall approval, etc.l, we can move in, sort things out and get up and running. These inspections are scheduled are anticipated for the first week of July. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

As before, orders will continue to be accepted and fullfilled for Kits, Kadet Marking Knives and Traditional Bird Cage Awls ONLY, from existing inventory. We are unable to ship any other tools, including Burnishers, Pilot Marking Knives and Traditional Bird Cage Awls, until the balance of the shop content can be sorted through and production resumes after the shop reopens. Existing orders for the latter are a VERY high priority and will be filled ASAP as soon as we are able to do so.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

Cheers, Bob

Please see note below regarding cocobolo availability



Tight joinery in wood begins with crisp, distinct layout lines that permit positive cutting tool registration. Czeck Edge Marking Knives, wood working hand tool kits and Awls will create these lines accurately and comfortably for you, every time.

Scraper Burnisher
Learn a great technique for sharpening a scraper using the Czeck Edge Scraper Burnisher! WATCH VIDEO


We use the finest materials plus a balance of traditional and state of the art technologies to produce our tools with a sharp eye toward innovation.

Please note that Cocobolo will no longer be offered as a wood for the handles on any Czeck Edge tool. It is on the CITES List appendix II as an endagered species. Our existing cocobolo stock for tool handles has been exhausted. Cocobolo has been replaced by Bolivian Rosewood which is not a true rosewood but is sustainable. The relevent product photography will be updated soon to reflect this change. Thank you for your understanding.



Czeck Edge was the first company to produce hand tools with carbide blades. Our clients definitely notice the difference in quality & effectiveness!
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