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Tight joinery in wood begins with crisp, distinct layout lines that permit positive cutting tool registration. Czeck Edge Marking Knives and Awls will create these lines accurately and comfortably for you, every time.

We use the finest materials plus a balance of traditional and state of the art technologies to produce our tools with a  sharp eye toward innovation. We take extreme pride in our craftsmanship because we know your craftsmanship demands the best. 

The Czeck Edge Ruler Stop was the first accurate, practical ruler stop in the market place. Introduced in 2009, it has become an almost indispensable device for accurate and  repetitive layout  measurement, 

Czeck Edge was the first company to produce hand tools with carbide blades. The carbide version of our Kadet marking knife was introduced in 2012 and we featured carbide blades on our Bird Cage awls less than two years later. In fact, we currently have five Bird Cage models in two blade materials and two blade sizes available.  

What's new? 

All Czeck Edge Kits now feature closed end production ferrules! Prices will remain the same thru 7/1/2021! If you've ever considered a Kit purchase, now is the time! 


Struggling with your scraper? Learn a great technique for sharpening a scraper using the Czeck Edge Scraper Burnisher! See the video>> ________________________________________________________________

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Please note that because of flight restrictions due to Covid 19 and more intense Customs inspections, etc., delivery of International orders is taking significantly longer than the normal 7 - 14 days. A LOT longer. We were just notified an order shipped to Australia 4/7 was delivered 7/7. That is three months! Please be patient, your order will arrive!    

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LEE VALLEY TOOLS, Ottawa, Canada