Standard Carbide Bird Cage Awl

$ 74.00

The Czeck Edge Carbide Bird Cage Awl features a solid carbide blade. This revolutionary tool will allow boring in wood with an optimally sharpened edge almost indefinitely. This carbide blade should never need to be re-sharpened during normal use in wood. In addition, carbide is extremely rust resistant; a self maintaining feature keeping the blade in like new condition and ready for immediate use.

Powered machines have been using carbide cutting edges for decades.Carbide cutters allow cutting speed and feed rates to be increased significantly over carbon steel creating efficiencies which increase production and lower costs. Until Czeck Edge began production of the carbide Super Kadet II Marking Knife late in 2012, about the only way for the woodworking craftsman to enjoy the benefits of a carbide cutting edge was to use a tool with a power cord. Czeck Edge has now introduced to the woodworking community a second major hand tool with a carbide blade; the Carbide Bird Cage Awl!

The Czeck Edge Standard Carbide Bird Cage Awl is a hefty 5.5 ounces and features a large, palm friendly cocobolo knob with a lower finger perch that allows a tremendous amount of force to be applied comfortably for boring in wood. Turned from exotic hardwood, the knob is 1 1/2" wide and 3 1/4" long with a 5/8" satin polished bronze ferrule. The square blade permits longer cutting edges than a round shaft of equal cross section and is more costly to manufacture.  

The blade follows the traditional design in essence, being a bit larger at 1/4 wide and 3 1/2" long and are precision ground and polished. The sharpened edges and shallow 10 degree pyramid point allow them to sever delicate wood fibers without splitting thin stock. Wood grain will not easily deflect the carbide point, making the Czeck Edge Carbide Bird Cage Awl highly accurate when laying out and boring holes.  The overall length of the Carbide Bird Cage Awl is 7”. This tool is in stock and generally ships the next business day.