Kerf Kadet II

$ 49.50

A year in development, the Kerf Kadet II is the very worthy successor to the Kerf Kadet. Each subtle change has been incorporated based upon user feedback gleaned from Czeck Edge participation in many of the HandWorks, Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Events and WIAs. The improvements focused on making an already accurate and comfortable marking knife an even better performer.

The Kerf Kadet II excels at marking out the detail that fine joinery demands. Pins for dovetails can be defined from tails barely wider than the kerf created by most dovetail hand saws. The .029” thick sword point blade makes this task accurate, easy and routine. Overall, the blade measures 5/ 16” wide with a projection now of 1 7/16” and the same 44 degree included angle forming the point. Like the original Kadet, the dual edge bevels are ground to 40 degrees on the top of the blade only. The back of the blade is flat permitting the point to register snugly against a straightedge from either the left or right side.

The handle for the Kerf Kadet II remains proportioned to facilitate light duty marking, being pencil like in the grip area. The contour of the exotic cocobolo handle makes a flowing, uninterrupted transition to the ferrule. The length of the handle has been extended so that the cove fits nicely in the web of the hand between the index finger and thumb.

The machined bronze ferrule has three grooves which permit a comfortable perch for the index finger and second finger. The forward groove is now very pronounced, being almost 3/16” wide and rounded on the bottom. Comfort and grip are enhanced significantly. These ergonomic features combine to provide the craftsman with a degree of control now unique to the Kerf Kadet II.

The dimensions are :1/2" X 5 1/2" cocobolo handle, .029" X 5/16" X 1 7/16” sword point blade, 7/16" diameter X 11/16" satin finished bronze ferrule. Overall length is 7 3/4". This knife is designed for light to moderate duty layout use. This is an in-stock item and generally ships the next business day.