Limited Edition Traditional Carbide Bird Cage Awl

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This Limited Edition Traditional Carbide Bird Cage Awl was developed to deliver performance just like the Czeck Edge Standard Carbide Bird Cage Awl but with a traditional handle shape. This tool is the fourth Czeck Edge tool to be equipped with a solid carbide blade, which will likely never need to be resharpened, even in heavy professional use.

The handle is turned from Bolivian rosewood (not a true rosewood). This exotic hardwood is an economical alternative to cocobolo and other true rosewoods, and can also have interesting and varied color and grain pattern plus excellent durability. 

The handle length has been stretched to 5 1/4” (including the ferrule) honoring the vintage styles and the width is 1 3/8”, identical to the cocobolo models. The ergonomic profile has been streamlined to allow lest costly manufacture. The lower finger perch remains as does the palm friendly feel, permitting a comfortable application of tremendous force for boring or marking wood by hand.

The square blade permits longer cutting edges than a round shaft of equal cross section and is retained on this model even though it is the more costly option. The sharpened edges and acute pyramid point allow delicate wood fibers to be severed without splitting thin stock. Wood grain will not easily deflect the point, making Czeck Edge Bird Cage Awls highly accurate when laying out and boring holes.

The massive 1/4"blade width allows a 3/4" cutting edge and the shallow 10 degree point geometry is shared with the ¼” square carbon steel and carbide models which have cocobolo handles. The blade is solid carbide hardened to RC 92, then precision ground and polished. The blade shaft is 3 1/8” long including the ½” satin polished bronze ferrule. Overall length of this Limited Edition Traditional Bird Cage Awl is 8 1/2”. Production of this tool will be only fifteen units.